Sex Ed Video Channels You Should Watch

Please excuse my absence yesterday. I was taking a day-long break from the internet so I could get some writing done and exercise my broken wrist (it’s doing much better now! I can now pick up teacups and write for two hours before stopping, and I can open doors again).

Today’s post is going to be different. Usually I blog about comics, my art, inspiration, etc.

But I wanted to share these sex ed channels with you for many reasons, which I will detail in a minute.

I love good sex education. I especially love those kinds of shows with a sense of humor that’s not insufferable to sit through. Sex is a hard topic to take seriously, but there are times when some sex educators try to make jokes to lighten it up and it just makes it even worse.

Thankfully I found two channels that not only share sex knowledge, but also make it fun and hilarious.

First is the MidWest Teen Sex Show.

Image courtesy of this link.

This was the first ever channel I watched about teen sex education. They have their own website, especially since many of their videos don’t seem to appear on YouTube.

They have since stopped updating, but the videos they did share were both semi-educational and entertaining.

They cover topics from condom use to fetishes, orgasms and the older boyfriend.

I would start with those four videos first, though the orgasm video is highly recommended for the skit involving Detective Boobowski trying to find the criminal Orgasm (it’s hilarious).

The other highly recommended channel in my arsenal is the YouTube channel Sexplanations.

Image courtesy of this link.

This channel is run by Dr. Doe, clinical sexologist and HUGE Firefly fan (she references the show often, especially in her video about How To Get The Sex You Want).

Of course she discusses the obvious topics, like orgasms and both female and male anatomy, but she also does things like interview an intersex person, answer questions about lesbianism, and even provide a rough A to Z of sexual terms.

Dr. Doe’s channel is relatively new and is still updating, so you should subscribe!

She also has a Tumblr, so you should follow her there, too.

“So,” you’re probably wondering, “Why did you make a post about sex ed videos? Sex is weird.”

First, it’s only weird if you think it’s weird.

Second, not only do I enjoy these on an entertainment and intellectual level, but I enjoy what they stand for, which is sex education and healthier living for teens and young adults.

Too often I see awful headlines about how another school has adopted an abstinence-only form of sex education, and too often I meet people who don’t know what’s going on with their own bodies.

(Like, one of my friends was roommates with a girl who thought periods were her baby bleeding out once a month. Hearing that makes me want to slap her parents in the face for teaching her that. This and other awful stories are what I witness from real people in the real world.)

Another thing, too, is that I am aware that a lot of you reading this are either young adults or teenagers, and some of you have not been adequately prepared in this sense. I don’t want to finger-point and say your lack of knowledge is someone else’s fault, because that’s probably already going on.

I would rather be constructive and point you in the right direction so that you can learn about your body and yourself in a constructive, but entertaining, way.

Because having knowledge can make you safe and help you enjoy the experience more.

Thank you for your support, and for remembering to be awesome!

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