Recent Works in Progress

I’m still available for commissions!

Anyway, recently I’ve been working on a book cover and some bookmarks:

2014-04-21 18.17.49 2014-04-22 16.44.41

Yes, those are the Avengers in bookmark form. I’ll be drawing Thor and Fury separately.

Expect to see the bookmarks finished soon, since they’ll be appearing at the Free Comic Book Day event next week!

Johnson & Sir’s New Book Cover

I finished the book cover for Johnson & Sir today!



With any luck, the first book of Johnson & Sir will be out in time for Phoenix Comicon in June!

The book will have the first 24 or so pages of the webcomic, as well as sketches and other behind-the-scenes bonus material, like the initial concept art and never-before-published pages.

I’ll announce when it’s ready to go, so keep checking back in.

P.S. I’m also thinking of redesigning this website. So brace thyself for any changes that may occur.

Validation’s Book Cover…In Progress

Please excuse how late this update is today, but I’ve been drawing up a storm.

Most recently, I’ve been drawing up some ideas for Validation‘s book cover:


…And I threw in a little Rubber Duck: The Reckoning (I still want that to be a real movie).

These are just some initial ideas for the book cover, front AND back. Christian and I haven’t reached a decision yet.

I kept them loose and stick-figure-like because I just want the idea across. I’ll save the tight rendering for the final choice.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?