My Mantras

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Being autistic, my mind will sometimes fixate on an idea. In rare cases, my mind can focus on an idea for several hours, but usually it’s only for an hour or two at a time (I realize that’s still intense, but that’s how I work).

So it’s very important to me that the ideas I DO fixate on are positive ones. Because if I allow myself to get upset about something (like Trump, or my neighbors, or the legendarily bad D&D player from my comic shop known as “Doc”), my mind will be stuck on it for three or four hours at a time and completely ruin whatever momentum I have going on outside of me.

So whenever I find I need to calm down and find something else for my mind to cling to, I think of my two mantras.

I only have two. Some people may have one, or several, but two is all I need. I often only need to say one of them, depending on what’s happening. They are…

I have had many difficulties. Most of them have never happened.


One at a time.

I realize these aren’t in Sanskrit, but they’re still effective for me.

Now let me explain the first one. Continue reading “My Mantras”

Coping With Setbacks

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The Road Trip of Life, Man…

I’ve been meditating a lot lately.

Yes, I meditate.

And lately, in my meditations, I’ve been thinking on the importance of not getting fixated on thoughts so you can live in the present.

Think about it. Presently you’re reading this blog post… until you think about that bill you need to pay for your car, or what you need to pick up at the store tomorrow, or that guy you saw the other day at the mall with that really cool tattoo walking around with the five-year-old girl and you’re wondering if they’re related and if they’ll be playing Parcheezie later – Continue reading “Coping With Setbacks”