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Day 1 of Using Clip Studio Paint


clip studio paint screencap work in progress

I first bought Clip Studio Paint (also known as Manga Studio) when it was on sale. Apparently there are periods of time when the software goes from around $50 to $15 (which is banana pants). I had heard of the software before, but when it went on sale I went, “Why not?” And got it.

Then I didn’t use it… until this last weekend. Continue reading →




pranesh from johnson and sir

Private Deputy Pranesh Guptarani
Age: Older than everyone except for Officer Struthers and Commander McWeenie.
Race: Human
Gender: Male, mostly. Sometimes doesn’t have a gender.

There are more secrets to discover about this guy, but to find out more, you gotta pledge to the Johnson & Sir KickStarter – the secrets are revealed in the book!

More character sketches are coming next week, along with more dinosaurs, Spaghetti Noodle Monsters, mustaches, and other silliness.

If you want all this silliness, there’s always Johnson & Sir – it’s what they do everyday.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.


The Sketching Game


I have the goal of drawing two sketchbook pages a day. This is to help get new material for eBook sketchbooks (like the Superhero Ladies sketchbook or the Goth & Punk Girls Sketchbook), and to get better at art-making.

But sometimes, I need a jumping off point to draw from. I can’t draw from my imagination all the time.

So I created the Sketching Game. Continue reading →

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