I’m Running a Fundraiser for the ACLU!

Alright. I’m about to talk politics here, so bear with me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Supreme Court and a lot of the bullshit they’ve been doing, and not just regarding Roe v Wade. They’ve trampled on Indigenous rights, told the EPA that they can’t do their job, and are now giving serious consideration to eliminating gay marriage and access to birth control.

Even if you think these decisions don’t affect you – they absolutely do.

I’ve mostly been silent on this on my blog and social media because I needed a more productive outlet for all this rage. I wanted to figure out what difference we can make beyond voting and riots.

That’s why I’m glad the ACLU has been working so hard. They actually blocked abortion bans in Kentucky, Florida, Utah, and Texas, and have filed a block in West Virginia. They have also been working hard on defending trans rights, among other civil liberties.

So, for the month of July, all proceeds from the sales of my prints and mini-prints will benefit the ACLU, so that they can keep up the fight. You can check out all the prints available in my Ko-Fi shop. The final tally will take place on July 31, and the donation sent on August 1. There will be screencaps for posterity.

I hope you can join me in supporting the ACLU! If you’re broke, spread the word about this fundraiser.

Thank you for your support, no matter how you show it.

You. Are. Awesome.

Breaking Artsy Comfort Zones, Plus Trans Remembrance

This has been an odd, odd week.

I took some steps out of my comfort zone again, by drawing this gentleman with long hair and sideburns, as requested by my friend Sean.

warm up sketch sean's character
Click to enlarge.

I’ve drawn guys with long hair before, but never shoulder-length hair.

An even larger step out of my comfort zone was with animals.

warm up sketch black swan and tiger cub
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I drew these two because they are characters in my genderbent Swan Lake story (I talk more about it here). The swan is what the prince becomes cursed to turn into, and the tiger cub is allied with the Princess, who can talk to animals.

The third thing I drew out of my comfort zone was not a subject matter, but an emotion. It’s one I don’t tackle very often.


validation transgender day of remembrance
Click to enlarge

I drew this in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance yesterday.

Sharing this image online helped guide me towards some helpful resources for trans folks, like hotlines and this master post of charities and fundraisers, which includes a fundraiser by my old college classmate Cherno Biko.

Speaking of trans awareness, though, I’m still running the KickStarter with my little sister to get our new webcomic (co starring a trans man as romantic lead Adam) off the ground. Info is here and here.

Trans people deserve positive visibility. Trans folks deserve to be heroes while they are alive, not when they are dead.

…Sorry for the morbid end line there.

On a more positive note, I’m here for you if you need me. My contact information is under the Contact tab above, if you ever need to reach out to somebody. I’m not a health care provider, but I’m willing to listen.

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you on Tuesday.

warm up sketch jessie tattoos
I almost forgot to add this sketch I also did this week. Click to enlarge.