The Final Week of Inktober 2022?!

Hold up – the final week of Inktober 2022 is here. But this won’t capture ALL of the sketches done!

If you missed them, here are links for part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Here’s What I Drew!

Day 21

a sketch for inktober day 21. Roisin, a human with pale skin, red hair, and a dress covered in clouds.

Roisin, from Fwishi’shi (working title). A former lifeguard who currently works as a model. Her relationship with Blue is a little rocky, so she takes a small vacation to the small town of Seabank to clear her mind.

Day 22

sketch for inktober day 22. Cleaver the orc is enormous, green, and shirtless with two battle axes hung by leather straps off his back.

Cleaver the Orc from The Name of the Forest Spirit (an upcoming novel). He and Tamril are notable bounty hunters. The two started working together after he saved her from a family of cultists at a young age. He chooses his words carefully – so he doesn’t speak much. Absolute dad.

Day 23

sketch for inktober day 23. Fidget, or Claude Carpenter, is a hairy dwarf man with tattered clothes and a belt full of tools.

Claude “Fidget” Carpenter from Julia (a work in progress). He worked as a carpenter for the royal family until the coup forced the prince to go into hiding. Now Fidget and his friend Stone protect the prince from the usurper and his forces.

Day 24

sketch for inktober day 24. Rosetta is a young woman with tan skin and regal hunting garb. A red cardinal sits on her shoulder.

Princess Rosetta Abigail Jalita Maria of the House Rouse, from Rosetta and the Black Swan (working title). When she was a child, her kindness impressed the Woman of the Woods. So the enchantress gifted Rosetta with the power to talk to animals. After her parents died and her uncle took the throne by force, her only joy has been spending time with Amina Asha Zeinab. But Amina has recently gone missing…

Day 25

sketch for inktober day 25. Riley is a young adult woman with tan skin, short brown hair, and a steely gaze. She wears a cape and wields a custom-built gun.

Riley Reams, from The Uthers (a work in progress). She built her first cyborg at the age of 10, and after that, she started assisting her father in his lab. However, something happened one night at this lab. It has since burned down, her father dead, and now Riley is out searching for the last cyborg she built.

Day 26

sketch for inktober day 26. Tamril is a dark-skinned young woman with a long mohawk that extends into twin braids.

Tamril from The Name of the Forest Spirit (an upcoming novel). Adopted by Cleaver the Orc after he killed the cultists who took her. She became a feared bounty hunter (much like her adopted dad), using her powers over ice to freeze her targets. They both get hired by Auxaton because they have experience with the cult that kidnapped his people.

Day 27

sketch for inktober day 27. Amira Asha Zeinab wears a pink veil and golden crown over long, dark brown hair. Her tan skin is covered by a pink and red dress and pink veil.

Amira Asha Zeinab, from Rosetta and the Black Swan (working title). Unlike her warrior queen mother, Amira Asha is gentle and soft-spoken. She loves Rosetta, her childhood friend, and closest confidant. However, the royal advisor also has his eye on her, and when he is spurned, he turns her into a black swan and holds her hostage at Swan Lake.

Tune in this Sunday on YouTube at 2 pm EST. On that day, I’ll show my final sketches for Inktober 2022…


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The Penultimate Week of Inktober 2022

Here we are, in the penultimate week of Inktober 2022. If you missed them, here are weeks 1 and 2.

For those who don’t know – Inktober is an artist’s challenge to draw in ink every day in October. Usually, people create prompt lists. I pick a theme and draw to it. This year’s theme is characters from my stories! These are from comics, written work, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and other places I tell stories.

Here’s what I drew for Week 3!

Day 14

Archie the Vampire. I played this character in Shades of Chicago – an Actual Play I recorded with The Fourth Leg! We played Urban Shadows, a Powered by the Apocalypse game, and I got to play Archie, this absolutely fabulous he/they who knows how to slay.

day 14 of inktober - Archie, a short man with dark brown skin, thick dreadlocks, and golden eyes. He strikes a flamboyant pose while wearing a poofy purple shirt under a slim gold vest and well-tailored pants and leather shoes.

Day 15

Seamus from The Uthers (a comic in progress). Seamus is an informant for an underground organization of human rebels in an Uther-supremacist society.

Inktober day 15 - Seamus, a genderqueer human with messy brown hair, pale skin, and freckles across their face. They wear a teal sweater vest over a pale green button-down shirt. The shirt has tears that have been patched.

Day 16

Nautilus from The Uthers. He is a cyborg, a human constructed into a machine. Usually, The Arena commissions cyborgs as gladiators or sex slaves. But records only indicate that he is a “private commission.” He is doing everything in his power to keep disenfranchised humans safe from the Uthers.

inktober day 16 - Nautilus. A male cyborg with black hair, pale skin, and piercing blue eyes. He wears a blue leather jacket with no shirt underneath. Out of one sleeve emerges a pointed blade.

Day 17

“Angora” The Last Valkyrie. Her true name is not known. She and her five sisters destroyed their world so the Angels of Jehovah would not seize it. In retaliation, the Angels killed Angora’s sisters. Viktor tried to claim her as a “bride prize” but she resisted him, running to the Sages for refuge. There, she fell in love with Malus, and together they had Kay. As of this writing, she has been kidnapped by the Angels and has not been seen since. Malus and Kay are fighting to save her.

day 17 - angora the last valkyrie. A woman flies, regal and proud, one hand raised. Her fiery red hair is shaved on the sides of the scalp, and the rest is pulled back into a high tail that reaches down to her mid-back. Her black wings extend out. She wears red leather under a long blue vest. Both are laid over dark green leggings and tan boots She wears armor on her shoulders, forearms, and shins. In her lower hand she wields a sword with a golden hilt.

Day 18

Auxaton the Gray, from The Name of the Forest Spirit (a yet-to-be-released novel). His people had been taken by The Brotherhood of the Demon Lords. He is now on a quest to find them and rescue them from slavery.

Inktober day 18 - Auxaton the Gray. A gray-skinned elf crouches down, ready to run. He wears a shining golden breastplate, boots, and arm gauntlets. He narrows his violet eyes at the viewer with a look of determination. He also wears a tattered brown cloak, a long, dark blue loin cloth, and gray leggings. On his shoulders and upper arms are swirling indigo tattoos.

Day 19

Runemage from The Name of the Forest Spirit. A reluctant ally to Auxaton and his cause, he initially tried to rob the elf and his friends. However, it soon became clear they were both after the Brotherhood – Auxaton to save his people, Runemage for revenge.

inktober, day 19 - Runemage. A man with a rabbit's head is missing one ear. With a cocky grin, he holds up one hand, the other hand on his hip, and summons a ball of teal green flame. He has no shirt, revealing lean muscles under a light gray cloak. His arms are covered in rune tattoos. He also wears a layered red kilt.

Day 20

“Star” from Fwishi’shi (working title). She rules the seas at the cliffs of Seabank. Her name is unpronounceable to those who know common, so Fuloos gave her the nickname. It’s not the only history they share, either. She hasn’t been seen in many years, however.

Day 20 - "Star" the sea nymph. She has a woven dress made of seaweed and kelp. Her skin is sea green, her hair long, wavy, and green as seaweed. She has solid blue eyes and webbed toes.

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Week 2 of Inktober

On we go to week 2 of Inktober. If you missed my sketches from week 1, check them out in this previous post.

For those who don’t know – Inktober is an artist’s challenge to draw in ink every day in October. Usually, people create prompt lists. I pick a theme and draw to it. This year’s theme is characters from my stories! These are from comics, written work, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and other places.

Let’s get into what I drew for Week 2.

Day 7

Gunter, a half-human, half-Uther from my upcoming comic, The Uthers. I’ll be working on the second draft of this story for National Novel Writing Month next month!

Day 7 is Gunter, a half-man, half-uther from the upcoming comic, The Uthers. Here we see a young man with some thicker muscles, pointed ears, and white skin with tinges of green on the joints. His hands and face look human, but his feet have clawed toes. He wears a gray toga and blue cape with light green trim on it. His horns are turquoise and his helmet is deep green.

Day 8

Avery Johnson, from my webcomic Johnson & Sir. I MIGHT bring the book back into print. But if I do, there will be some big changes. (They may be big enough to warrant a second edition and a crowdfunding campaign to get it done).

a sketchbook page showing Avery Johnson, an elf man in a flowing purple dress, holding a fan with rainbow text reading "SLAY"

Day 9

Jamie Roberts, from The Legend of Jamie Roberts. If you haven’t read the comic by now, you really should. It’s free to read online.

a sketchbook page showing Jamie Roberts, a blonde genderqueer person wielding a sword with a smirk on their face

Day 10

Virgil Weiss, from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He’s my bard player’s love interest. A diehard romantic, he’s enamored with Malus’ love story.

a sketchbook page showing a red-skinned demon man with white hair. His black leather jacket flies open to show off his lean chest. He holds a whip in one hand and balances a small knife on one finger in the other.

Day 11

Fuloos Abieris, from (working title) Fwishi’shi. I finished writing the rough draft on Monday (Jeff yeah!). He’s a biographer and radio show host who lives by the sea.

a sketchbook page showing a bird man with red feathers. He's wearing formal wear with sand scattering on the bottom of the pants legs. He wipes his glasses with the corner of his vest.

Day 12

Kay, from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Last Valkyrie alive, they are also a Sage of the Void and sworn enemy of the Angels of Jehovah. Kay’s on a quest to rescue their mother from their clutches and kill Viktor the Arch Throne.

a sketchbook page showing a feminine-presenting genderqueer person with a white mohawk and freckles on their face, chest, and arms. As their black dress flows around them, they wield two swords and a confident smirk.

Day 13

Viktor the Arch Throne, from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Angel who stole Kay’s mother. His arm had been torn off by Malus (from Day 6 last week). His quest is to kill Malus and Kay.

sketchbook page showing a man in white uniform with one arm, no eyes or nose, and a large, unnatural grin on his face. In his only hand he holds a massive bastard sword with a face in the hilt and an eye in the pommel. He has two sets of wings, one of which has golden eyes staring out. Over his head are three nested halos covered in eyeballs.

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Stream Schedule for the Week of October 10, 2022

live streams every saturday and sunday at 2 pm est*. One block says 10/15 Day off. The second block says 10/16 YouTube - Inktober, Day 16. The bottom block said and *subject to change whenever the heck I feel like it - or because of conventions or the cruds.

Here is the streaming schedule for the week of October 10, 2022!

This Saturday, October 15, I’m not streaming. I’ve got other plans happening that day, including convention prep for Aistear Con (happening October 21 through 23).

This Sunday, October 16, I’m streaming on YouTube at 2 pm EST. On that day, I’m drawing for Inktober! Inktober is the artist’s challenge of making a new ink drawing every day during the month of October. I’ll show what I drew the day before, and the process of day 16’s inking. I’m also going to make some sketches in advance – again, to prepare for Aistear Con weekend.

If there are any changes to the schedule, I will post the update here on this site.

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