52 HOURS Left (and Counting) for Kay the Valkyrie…

Kay the Valkyrie hit its funding goal in the first hour that it launched! Now, there are only 52 hours left to get your print.

If we get to 10 backers, everyone who backs the campaign will get a FREE bundle of quarter-sized pins included in their rewards.

Should we get to 15 backers, then everyone will get free pins AND a free bookmark.

Book Bundles and Sticker Bundles are STILL available as add-ons! Plus, there’s the option to include commissions in your rewards. So if you would like me to draw something custom (especially as a gift), then get that add-on.

Want to see what other add-ons are available? I talk about them in this archived live stream. Go check that out, yo.

Got the means? Back the campaign!

Broke? Share the link! It’s tinyurl.com/ks-valkyrie. Every share helps.

Launching in 24 Hours…

Kay the Valkyrie wall print will be launching on KickStarter in the next 24 hours!

Once it launches, the campaign will ONLY LAST 7 DAYS.

To be the first to get the launch notice, you can go to the campaign page or get on my email newsletter.

If you’re broke, share the link far and wide! Every share helps.

That’s all for now! Thank you for checking in.

You. Are. Awesome.