New Free RPG Drops June 17!

There’s a new RPG coming on June 17.

For fans of Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Owl House, and all things cats – it’s Toe Beans and Broomsticks, the latest RPG from Fantasyville Productions!

Play as a cat, who is also a witch, in this Saturday-morning cartoon game. Practice magics like Neko-mancy, cast spells like Purr-suasion and Meow-maturgy, and defeat the Madam and her forces of evil with your friends.

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How I Use Trello As A Comic Book Artist

Today, I’ll show you how I use Trello to track and manage all of my comics and projects!

I have been using Trello for two years now. It has been an absolute game-changer for me and how I organize my projects. If you’ve ever wondered how I’m able to make so many comics, give this a watch.

Members of my Art Club saw this video before it became public. If you would like to get early access to tutorials (and club-only downloads), join on my Subscribe page.

Ok, more shameless plugs time: you can read my webcomics, The Legend of Jamie Roberts AND Vanita and the Demon King online. Some other things I do, though, will be on hiatus. Here’s my update schedule for May.

Oh! If you’re in Toledo, OH, I’m at Toledo Game Room tomorrow (May 6) for Free Comic Book Day! I’ll have discounted merch and other cool stuff.

That’s all for now. Thanks for bearing with me and my shameless plugs. I gotta get back to packing boxes for Free Comic Book Day and the upcoming move.

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Getting Ready to Move

AT LAST! My roommate and I found a new apartment! We are signing the lease in the next week and a half. So, in the meantime, I’m getting ready to move.


For one thing, this means a new, re-designed studio space. I’m clearing out the supplies I don’t use, and getting ready for new stuff. Like a new office chair (because Mister Moony the kitten has torn the crap out of my old one, which wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with).

This also means more creative time! The new apartment is closer to the office where I work, so less commuting time = more drawing time!

Unfortunately, this move also means that a lot of schedules are going to get disrupted until things settle down. So…


New Punk Signal updates on the Tiny Dinos Discord are going on hiatus until June 6.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts will update as usual on Wednesdays. (Behind-the-scenes content for the Clubs will also continue as normal). I will clue you in if this changes.

TikTok will update sporadically, if at all (same as right now). The same is true for Instagram and Tumblr. I am NOT on Twitter anymore because Twitter is broken AF.

Validation on Instagram is going on hiatus until June 5.

Validation on Webtoon is going on hiatus until June 5, as well.

Vanita and the Demon King will update as usual on my email newsletter. (Behind-the-scenes content for the Clubs will also continue as normal). I will clue you in if this changes.

Any blog updates will be saved only for big news, like a convention appearance being booked or needing to extend the hiatus.

Email newsletter updates will continue updating once a week on Fridays, so readers can get the latest from Vanita and the Demon King in their inboxes. Also, Subscribers to my Clubs will continue getting Sunday updates.

YouTube videos are a special case because some are already in the pipeline. One video is going live this Friday, and I hope to get the other one done before May 15. (It’s halfway done already). Don’t expect regularly scheduled updates, though.

I appreciate your patience while I’m moving to a new home. With any luck, I hope to resume things as normal around June 1.

That’s all for now. Thank you very much!

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Point of Inspiration – Ganondorf

Point of Inspiration is a new series of posts where I share different sources of inspiration, and what they inspired in my work!

Today, let’s talk about Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda.

ganondorf tears of the kingdom fan art by kelci d crawford

First of all, his reveal for the Breath of the Wild sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, has me swooning. (And I’m not the only one.) I’m not shy to admit that I like some cake with a generous helping of BEEF.

Second, this villain is fascinating to me. He’s appeared in maybe half of all the Legend of Zelda games, but his appearance (nearly) every time is like a boogeyman coming out of banishment to antagonize the world at large – not just the main characters of Zelda and Link. It’s like he reappears to not only terrorize people; he also wants to claim a prize he thinks is rightfully his. (Usually the land of Hyrule).

I’m not going to bury the lead here – Ganondorf was a major point of inspiration for the antagonist of The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Ragun Ranki.

ragun ranki from the webcomic the legend of jamie roberts

Like Ganondorf, Ranki is a) a redhead, and b) someone banished to another plane of existence for amassing too much power. And after a long time being banished away, he comes back to the world to cause chaos.

Here’s where things diverge a bit. For one thing, Ranki is a lot more…(how should I put this?)…flirtatious.

the legend of jamie roberts comic panel

Don’t get me wrong, fan works exist to give this kind of air to Ganondorf, as well (looking at you, Tale of Two Rulers). But in the canon, Ganondorf isn’t nearly this persuasive and willing to flaunt that.

For another thing, Ranki has a family still alive in the story. We’re getting into spoilers here for the comic, so if you haven’t read The Legend of Jamie Roberts, go do that.

But in short, having Ranki’s relatives still alive in the story is going to complicate his goals. Only time will tell how they will react to each other if they cross paths again.

Of course, other ideas inspired Ragun Ranki (especially Ansem and Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts). But Ganondorf was the launching pad.

Stay tuned for more Points of Inspiration!

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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Week 2 of Inktober

On we go to week 2 of Inktober. If you missed my sketches from week 1, check them out in this previous post.

For those who don’t know – Inktober is an artist’s challenge to draw in ink every day in October. Usually, people create prompt lists. I pick a theme and draw to it. This year’s theme is characters from my stories! These are from comics, written work, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and other places.

Let’s get into what I drew for Week 2.

Day 7

Gunter, a half-human, half-Uther from my upcoming comic, The Uthers. I’ll be working on the second draft of this story for National Novel Writing Month next month!

Day 7 is Gunter, a half-man, half-uther from the upcoming comic, The Uthers. Here we see a young man with some thicker muscles, pointed ears, and white skin with tinges of green on the joints. His hands and face look human, but his feet have clawed toes. He wears a gray toga and blue cape with light green trim on it. His horns are turquoise and his helmet is deep green.

Day 8

Avery Johnson, from my webcomic Johnson & Sir. I MIGHT bring the book back into print. But if I do, there will be some big changes. (They may be big enough to warrant a second edition and a crowdfunding campaign to get it done).

a sketchbook page showing Avery Johnson, an elf man in a flowing purple dress, holding a fan with rainbow text reading "SLAY"

Day 9

Jamie Roberts, from The Legend of Jamie Roberts. If you haven’t read the comic by now, you really should. It’s free to read online.

a sketchbook page showing Jamie Roberts, a blonde genderqueer person wielding a sword with a smirk on their face

Day 10

Virgil Weiss, from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He’s my bard player’s love interest. A diehard romantic, he’s enamored with Malus’ love story.

a sketchbook page showing a red-skinned demon man with white hair. His black leather jacket flies open to show off his lean chest. He holds a whip in one hand and balances a small knife on one finger in the other.

Day 11

Fuloos Abieris, from (working title) Fwishi’shi. I finished writing the rough draft on Monday (Jeff yeah!). He’s a biographer and radio show host who lives by the sea.

a sketchbook page showing a bird man with red feathers. He's wearing formal wear with sand scattering on the bottom of the pants legs. He wipes his glasses with the corner of his vest.

Day 12

Kay, from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Last Valkyrie alive, they are also a Sage of the Void and sworn enemy of the Angels of Jehovah. Kay’s on a quest to rescue their mother from their clutches and kill Viktor the Arch Throne.

a sketchbook page showing a feminine-presenting genderqueer person with a white mohawk and freckles on their face, chest, and arms. As their black dress flows around them, they wield two swords and a confident smirk.

Day 13

Viktor the Arch Throne, from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Angel who stole Kay’s mother. His arm had been torn off by Malus (from Day 6 last week). His quest is to kill Malus and Kay.

sketchbook page showing a man in white uniform with one arm, no eyes or nose, and a large, unnatural grin on his face. In his only hand he holds a massive bastard sword with a face in the hilt and an eye in the pommel. He has two sets of wings, one of which has golden eyes staring out. Over his head are three nested halos covered in eyeballs.

Come back Sunday at 2 pm EST! I’m drawing more Inktober sketches live on YouTube. Feel free to lurk while I work.

And be sure to come back next Thursday for the sketches from Week 3!

The characters this week are in stories I talk about in more depth with my Digital Club Members. You can Subscribe for a month here, or get a 6-month subscription on Ko-Fi. Either way, you’ll get access to scripts, sketches, and story previews no one else sees.

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