Library Haul

This afternoon I stopped at the local library to donate a bag full of books that I haven’t read in over a year. I figured the library would use those books way more than I ever would (and I know I’m right. As a former librarian, I can tell you: public libraries can always use public donations of books).

However, while I was there, I figured I would take a peek at their graphic novel section. I was hoping to see “The Sculptor” by Scott McCloud in there, but I didn’t see it and it wasn’t in the catalog.

(This is why it’s important to donate books to your local library: so that your books can be added to their catalog. And if it isn’t added, they can sell it and use that money to get – GASP – more books.

Though I was disappointed that “The Sculptor” wasn’t there on the shelves, I did find these three books, which made my day even better:

graphic novels from public local library

“Super Mutant Magic Academy” and “This One Summer” were graphic novels I had already heard about. But “In Real Life” by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang was a new one.

I’m very excited to read all three, but I’m most excited for “In Real Life.” Just based on the premise (about a MMORG-playing girl who discovers someone in the game is running a scam to try and get out of poverty) it has a lot of promise, especially for moral grayness and ambiguity of morals…which is Jen Wang’s specialty. If you haven’t read her graphic novel “Koko Be Good,” read it and you’ll see what I mean.

Have you gone to your local library recently? Found any new books to read? Leave a comment below!

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New Art Added, Library Visits, and Other Updates

Today’s post comes to you in THREE PARTS.


So I was going through the site and I realized I hadn’t put any new art up on here for a while. So I fixed that!

There is now new stuff in Illustrations, Sketches, and even a few updated links in Comics, including a link to an old preview I made of The Legend of Jamie Roberts.

You can also read the preview comic by clicking THIS PICTURE:



On Free Comic Book Day (May 3rd) this year, I will be speaking and showing off my work at the Apache Junction Public Library in Phoenix, AZ! It’s part of their celebration of Comic Book Day, so bring your family along! It’s an all-ages event featuring superheroes and local artists and lots and lots of books.

They asked me to make the flyer for this year, so start looking forward to some work-in-progress previews as I work on it.


The Legend of Jamie Roberts‘ script is almost finished. I was hoping to have it completely done two days ago, but no such luck. At least it’s 80% of the way there, so with much cracking of my fingers, I’m hoping to get it completely finished by April 14th.

With all of that said, The Legend of Jamie Roberts should be online by the end of June. I would launch at the beginning of June, but that’s Phoenix Comicon (another event I’m going to this year), so I’ll be doing convention-related work around that time.

Charlie & Clow is coming along pretty nicely, even though I need to change up the first few pages. It’ll be easy to tweak though.

There’s going to be a new story arc coming up in Johnson & Sir! And also, expect a new print sometime in the next month, inspired by this sketch:


You can also reblog the sketch on Tumblr if you want to show it off to your followers (which you totally should).

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’m going to dare the biggest dare on myself and update my blog every day for the month of April. And no, none of the above is an April Fool’s Joke. I already pulled a joke on Johnson & Sir today. I’m joked out.

P.P.S. Actually I won’t be able to update everyday because for a few days in April I’m going to be in San Diego. Psych!