February Pin Club Is Open for New Members

My Pin Club is open for new members once again!

Each month, members of the Pin Club get a new acrylic pin in the mail, plus a new zine, sneak peeks at comic scripts, and early webcomic updates.

This month, we’re celebrating Fantasyville Productions, LLC being around for 5 years! I filed the paperwork for starting this company in 2018. I can’t believe it’s been that long! Most indie businesses don’t last 5 years…and yet, Fantasyville Productions beat the odds.

To celebrate, we’re unveiling this design. It’s Fantasyville Productions’ new official logo – and it’s this month’s Pin!

If you would like to get this, sign up for the Club by Feb 6! Any new sign-ups after that date will be rolled over into March.

Keep in mind – Pin Club memberships are for folks in the USA only. Sorry, my international peeps. I’m working on an option for you.

So if you have the means, join the Pin Club today, yo.

If you’re broke, or unable to join right now, share this post and celebrate Fantasyville Productions’ 5-year anniversary with me!

That’s all for now. I appreciate your support!

You. Are. Awesome.

The Pin Club is Open for December!

My Pin Club is open for new orders this weekend! If you want to get the club pin for December, this is your window of time to get it.

If you’re not a member yet, you have UNTIL DECEMBER 5 to become a new member and get this adorable acrylic holiday pin mailed to you…

beatrice the crow witch wears a santa hat

After December 5, Pin Club sign-ups will close for a month, and won’t re-open until the first weekend of January.

This is to make sure I get accurate counts for the printer and to make every effort to get these to you before the holiday rush.

All pins are printed in double-layer acrylic. The art is single-sided, with a pin and rubber clutch on the back.

By joining the Pin Club, you also get on a special segment of my email newsletter where I share comic scripts, early webcomic updates, and more. Plus you get a new zine with your pin!

So if you want a new pin, a new zine, and a peek behind the curtain, sign up for the club BY DEC 5 at 5 pm EST.

By the way, Pin Club memberships make a great gift that keeps on giving. Wink wink.

If you’re broke, share this post with your peeps! Shares help more than you know.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.

The Pin Club is Changing (for the Better)

The Pin Club I run is changing. Here’s why, what that means, and what comes next.


Two big things are different now: the supplier I use, and the time you can sign up. They both tie into each other.

So I found out the hard way that my usual go-to printer for acrylic pins – StickerMule – actually sucks. They have contributed to anti-LGBTQ causes, including the Dingus Gump himself, and haven’t paid fair overtime wages to their employees.

I won’t give my money to them anymore because of those factors. So I found a new product team – Vograce. They specialize in stuff for convention vendors like me, so they do MORE than just acrylic pins. But for the purposes of the Pin Club, I’m going to try their pins out.


Because of changing to a new printer, how folks join the Pin Club will be different.

Moving forward, new members can join the Pin Club ONLY on the first weekend of the month.


  • Having a limited window for folks to join will make it easier to know how much I need to print. I’m a one-person operation, after all! I do all the logistics and packaging. On top of that, there is a minimum order requirement, and the more pins ordered, the less it costs to print per pin.
  • Plus: I want to make sure everyone who joins the club gets the pins they sign up for. And if I did a Patreon model where people joined whenever they wanted, it would make keeping and ordering stock harder.
  • Also, working with a new printer, I want to make sure that pins for each month come in and get shipped at a reasonable pace. This is especially true because Vograce ships from overseas.

What’s Next?

The window for joining the December Pin Club opens this Friday, Dec 2nd! The last day to join will be Monday, Dec 5th. The Pin Club won’t open for new memberships after that until January.

I’m also going to tweak the wording on my Subscribe Page to reflect this change. Maybe I’ll even make a pop-up listing in my Ko-Fi shop

So yes. Moving forward, Pin Club memberships will open on the first weekend of each month, First Friday to the following Monday. The schedule will help everybody involved.

Digital Club and Zine Club memberships can happen at any time. Those rewards are ones I can provide from my current studio setup. Just the Pin Club is changed.

If you still have questions, post them in the comments and I’ll answer as best as I can.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.