Featured Artist Friday: Kit Seaton

I first met Kit Seaton at Swarm Con. She’s a faculty member at the Savannah College of Art and Design¬†teaching the art of comics, and she was one of the coolest people I met at the con.

And I’m not just saying that because she made art of Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx.

…Ok maybe that’s a bit true. But she’s still a fabulous artist.

kit seaton groucho marx and charlie chaplin
(I mean, look at this!)

I love textured brushes in digital art, and Seaton’s work is full of colorful, vibrant examples of that.

At the con, I got a copy of a comic she collaborated on, called “Otto the Odd and the Dragon King.” It’s a tale of a prince (who hates baths) that befriends the local dragon and needs to use his wits to save him from a knight. It’s charming, fun, and self-contained. Definitely worth a read.

otto the odd and the dragon king cover

Little did I know, she actually collaborates with her sister on a webcomic called “The Black Bull of Norroway“. I haven’t read it yet, but now it’s on my list. It’s based on a fairy tale and I love me some obscurer fairy tales.

You can find more of her whimsical, charming work on Tumblr.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

Distillum, Vol 1: A Review

distillum, chapter 1

Yes, it’s the glorious return of Review Day Tuesday! Man, I missed sharing new reads with you.

Only, um…today’s Review Day Tuesday is on a …Thursday.

Funny story: my brain tricked me into thinking I didn’t have to update on Tuesday. Two days later, my brain was like, “Oh wait, in your email newsletter you said you would review a thing.”

So I’m going to course correct. This week’s Review Day Tuesday feature will be on a Thursday, but next week we’ll be back on schedule.

Anyway, comics! Continue reading “Distillum, Vol 1: A Review”

Swarm Con Was Swarming With AWESOME

table at swarm con in savannah, ga
Chloe and I shared a table at the con.

Chloe and I were also extra prepared – we brought a large package of bottled waters, scissors, and tape, which are absolute must-haves if you intend on having a table at a convention.

It also helps if you have business cards, which I FORGOT the first day of the convention. Because I’m a derp.

However, I did meet a ton of cool people at the con, and I even snagged a TON of new comics to read. (Expect the return of Review Day Tuesday to cover all these awesome works!)

The first day, Saturday, was even busier than I expected, but that was because of 2 things:

  1. There was a thunderstorm outside, which led to,
  2. The Sidewalk Arts Festival being cancelled and making everyone who WOULD go to the festival, come inside for the con.

Since it was my first time in Georgia, I didn’t realize that thunderstorms in the area were as common as fleas on a dog. But hey, you live and you learn.

So because of the thunderstorm, Saturday was the busiest day. But Sunday still went well, too.

In fact, both days, I was busy making commissions for folks (which I wasn’t expecting. So…thank you!).

In fact, here are some pictures of the commissions I made for attendees, along with the attendees posing with their new works.

swarm con commissions and models SwarmCon_Commish_4 SwarmCon_Commish_9 SwarmCon_Commish_12 SwarmCon_Commish_8 SwarmCon_Commish_6 SwarmCon_Commish_14 SwarmCon_Commish_13

I missed a few pictures, like I forgot to take closer pictures of Brienne from Game of Thrones, Grandpa JoeStar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (an anime I REALLY want to get back into because it has all the things I love in an anime, like muscles), and Figaro from Pinocchio (he was a sketch card commission).

Still, it was a lot of fun to be at this convention, and I hope I get to come back next year!

Thans for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.