Why I Will Never Make Political Videos on YouTube

  1. The comments section. Yes, I know I can turn them off, but then I’ll get weebs contacting me by other means demanding I turn them on because “freedom of speech.”
  2. Weebs.
  3. Racist weebs.
  5. Have you SEEN vloggers that talk political topics? I’m talking about the “anti-SJW” crowd (a phrase that hurts my inner librarian because it butchers the English language at so many levels). It’s like they’re professional YouTube commenters with cameras. And they are always. So. Fucking. Miserable. Like, come on, guys. Step away from the internet for ten minutes. Get some fresh air. I know the concept sounds ALIEN to you, but it will do you good to realize that there is, indeed, an outside, real world that’s worth going out into.