Johnson & Sir is Now on KickStarter

johnson and sir kickstarter banner

Johnson & Sir as a webcomic is finished, with 100 pages of epic silliness.

But the story is not complete yet!

Today is the launch of the KickStarter to fund Johnson & Sir’s new book,¬†Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics!

The KickStarter rewards include copies of the book, a secret sketchbook, prints, and even original art of the comic pages.

I hope that you check it out and make a pledge. If you’re too broke to pledge, please spread the word and tell your friends.

As the KickStarter rolls on, I’ll post sketches, art, and secret tidbits about the characters here on the blog. So I hope you keep checking back!

Thank you very much.

You. Are. Awesome.

(P.S. I’ll talk about Youngstown Indie Comic Expo Wednesday here on the blog).

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