Johnson & Sir’s Campaign is Finished

johnson and sir fully funded kickstarter

Johnson & Sir is 100 pages and 2 years worth of silliness with elves, dinosaurs, mustaches, and anime cops. I had a blast making it, talking about it, and making prints and t-shirts for it.

I’m still blown away that the KickStarter to fund the book has not just reached the initial goal, but hit TWO stretch goals! Which means even more rewards for backers.

I want to say, thank you SO MUCH for reading the webcomic, and for all of your support. It’s readers like you that helped make Johnson & Sir be so popular and great.

So what’s next?

Well, the KickStarter funds won’t make it to me for another two weeks, so in that time frame I’m going to finish what I need to for the books (the book itself, the two sketchbooks, and Rubber Duck: the mini comic). Plus I’ll be making the mini-print for backers, and getting shipping information ready. That way, when the books are finally printed and sent to me, I can ship them out right away.

The plan is to have books shipped out before the end of November. That way, it’s like an early Christmas present for those who ordered the books.

So, if you backed the KickStarter, you’ll be getting a form from me asking for shipping info, emails, or whatever else I’ll need to fulfill your pledges. Please fill that out ASAP (preferably before the end of the month).

I’ll update you on other comics projects in a separate post, but for now, thank you SO MUCH for everything!

You. Are. Awesome.

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