I’m Changing How I Use Social Media

I’m changing up my social media strategy.

This is (mostly) because some apps have changed and others are only good for specific things.

Here’s what’s changing for me.

I’m posting less on Instagram. I don’t even have it on my phone. But any posts I DO make on there may be more personal.

I’ve been using Instagram more to keep up with friends who I don’t talk with on other platforms. (Especially true for me because I left Facebook). I want that change in attitude reflected.

No Facebook.

Realistically, no Twitter. I technically have two accounts on there but the platform is a dumpster fire. I haven’t used my accounts for anything substantive for a while.

TikTok and YouYube have most of my attention. So those are where I’m posting my art stuff.

Process videos, time lapses, sharing projects, answering Qs about making art – if they’re not here on my blog, they’re either on TikTok or YouTube.

I DO have this blog. And here’s where I’m posting anything pertaining to my work. Comics, process shots, updates on projects – check this. It’s all here.

…Oh! I also have a Ko-fi. It’s a unique beast. I post on there to keep shoppers up to date but I also back up webcomics in the Gallery section.

I WILL be using the posts feature on Ko-fi more in the near future, as a second spot to find my blog posts.

But that’s it, really.

I DO use Discord but I treat it more like a forum or a messaging service than a “social media app.” (Whatever that means nowadays).

I hope this clears up a few things. 2022 was a VERY messy year for social media. Here’s to setting more clear expectations and boundaries.

That’s (basically) it for now. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

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