The Fire Mage

the fire mage illustration

The Fire Mage is part of a small illustration series I’m making, which started with The Water Mage:


Both are drawn in Copic markers and will be part of a series of elemental mages.

With these two, I wanted to have the same or similar color scheme, which is why both have lots of warm golds and reds. Both figures also have tattoos to unite them thematically into the same illustration series and also have the tattoos reflect the elements they work in.

I’m thinking the next two mages, while having similar thematic tattoos, will be illustrated with some new colors.

If you want to see the next two mages before the rest of the internet does, you can support me on Patreon. Patrons on Patreon get to see my art before it goes live to the rest of the world. Plus, once the Patreon page reaches funding of $70 per month, patrons will get an exclusive mini-print mailed out to them as thanks.

Because you. Are. Awesome.

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