Abandoned Projects: Drawn Silly

Oh boy this is an OLD one.

Today’s project feature is my (very) old journal webcomic, Drawn Silly.


Way back in 2010 (oh god that was four years ago as of today)…

As I was hanging out with the college Cartooning Club and talking about webcomics and the possibilities within them, I started to wonder how I could get into this webcomic thing.

At the time, journal webcomics were either emerging or had been around for a short time, and I went, “Oh I could do that!” So I did.

I liked this project so much at one point that I made prints of one of my favorite pages:

Click the image to get to the page where you can get a print of your own. (YAY subversive advertising)

The problem? I never updated it consistently.

It also got to a point where I wasn’t excited to work on it, and I felt like I had nothing new to share. That, and college got more intense and there was some personal drama going on with one of my ex’s.

So I stopped the project the semester after I started it.


Within the last few months, I’ve been considering getting back into journal comics, but making the art WAY simpler (i.e. no markers or colors, so I can more easily update daily).

Though I won’t lie, I’ve been considering starting it again, largely because my older sister is encouraging me to do it if only so she can co-star in it. For a while the project was called Adventures with a Bipolar Sister.

Over time, her diagnosis changed from being Manic Depressive to having Borderline Personality, so that title fell by the wayside.

If I DO move forward with the idea, we both decided it should be called Adventures in Adulthood, because adulthood is FRACKING WEIRD and I want to have as much fun with it as possible.

I still really want to make it. Would you read it?

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