Abandoned Projects: Nautilus & Riley

This project will be on the shelf for a short time because I still want to make this.

The project highlight today is called Nautilus & Riley.


In the not-too-distant future, a scientist builds a combat-model android, codenamed Nautilus. The scientist’s daughter, Riley, has watched the development of Nautilus throughout her life and slowly develops a crush on him (mostly because her father doesn’t let her go outside the house all that much). By the time he’s done, she’s 18 years old and incredibly desperate for a companion, so she steals Nautilus out of her father’s hands as often as she can.

(I’m going to spoil the story for you because the story is incredibly short.)

As Nautilus and Riley spend time together, her feelings intensify, though Nautilus (being an android) is pretty sure he cannot feel love, even though he cares about her.

However, they both are in the scientist’s lab one day when the scientist is not there. Riley starts digging through the files on Nautilus out of curiosity. So she’s digging through them when she discovers that Nautilus was, in fact, human once, until the scientist got him and made him into an android. The reason Nautilus doesn’t remember any of this is because his mind was completely reset.

Even worse, the scientist plans on using the notes he made while constructing Nautilus on a new project – turning Riley into a cyborg.

The scientist barges in and sees what Riley is doing. He (of course) gets furious and goes to kill her. Nautilus gets in the way and the scientist and he end up killing each other.

And Riley gets to live.

The biggest question with this project is “How do I make this story?”

Will it be a wordless comic? Or a picture book-like story? Or what?

I feel pretty comfortable with the story itself (though when I look at it I want to tweak a few things), but I still don’t know how to tell it.

Until I figure it out, this project will be on the shelf.

But what do you think? Do you like the story or not?

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