Abandoned Projects: Vlog

This is a fairly more recent abandoned project.

It’s my vlog.


I stated my reasons for starting one in a previous blog post. But in that post, I forgot to mention that I was inspired by other vloggers, like the Vlogbrothers and Wheezy Waiter.

I posted three videos on my YouTube channel, and then stopped.


Well, one of the biggest reasons is I got bored of the vlogs I was making. I made a whole bunch as a sort of buffer in the event that I got sick or (as happened more often than not) family came to Arizona to visit and I would take a short vacation.

The problem was, the episodes I recorded for that buffer bored me. And if they bored me, I knew they would bore you.

The other reason I abandoned the vlog was that, while video editing and talking into a camera is fun and a useful skill to put on a resume, it’s not something I want to pursue long-term. I want to make comics, darnit! Vlogging just sort of gets in the way of that.

To be honest, vlogging was one of the first projects I kept on the chopping block, instead of trying to actively remove it.

Would I make videos in the future? Probably. And if I do, they’re either going to be art tutorials or time-lapse videos rather than vlogs, so I can show off my work process and still have my videos be art-related.

Or, I could possibly make Rubber Duck: The Reckoning. Indie film is not off the table for me.

(If you don’t know why I want to make a Rubber Duck: The Reckoning movie, you should be reading Validation. It’ll all be explained.)

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