New Sketches for Comics In Progress

So, in between my webcomics and my day jobs, I’ve still managed to make some new sketches to develop some comics I have in the works.

I have them posted below. They’re not in color (yet) but I wanted to show you the (dare I say, gorgeous) line-work I used to draw them.

jamie roberts the genderqueer pirate
Jamie Roberts, Genderqueer Pirate.
woman of the woods sorceress warrior
The Woman of the Woods, Sorceress and Warrior.
princess rosetta and amal ahmad
Princess Rosetta and Amal Ahmad
seeing him panel teaser sketch
A sample panel from the upcoming webcomic Seeing Him.

This last sketch is from a webcomic my sister Kia and I are hoping to get on KickStarter, called “Seeing Him.”

The story is about a young lady named Kate who wants to find Mr. Right. She finds him in Adam, a devilishly handsome OB/GYN who is also a trans man.

We both felt like there weren’t enough stories with trans men in them, and what few there are don’t necessarily portray them as, like, people. We hope that “Seeing Him” can help change that.

We tried running a KickStarter previously, but we didn’t meet our goal.

But this time, we learned: we’re going to lower the fundraising goal, and offer more digital rewards and custom commissions for backers.

The plan is to get the KickStarter up online on Saturday, but with my two day jobs deciding they want me to work full-time hours, I don’t know if that’ll happen.

However, if the project gets fully funded, I can actually QUIT one day job for a while. And that would be super cool to just make more comics more often, yo.

Wish me luck!

“Jamie Roberts Explores a Temple”

the legend of jamie roberts visual design temple environment sketch

This is a sketch I finished yesterday, to practice making stone textures in pen. I feel like I somewhat succeeded, but I still need to practice illustrating depth. For example: that sculpture of the goddess is supposed to be sitting in a recess in the wall. I don’t feel like I did a good enough job of showing how deep the recess is. It could be fixed with tones, though, probably.

Oh, let me explain what this sketch is showing:

Jamie Roberts, the figure in the foreground, is approaching the entrance to the abandoned temple/city of Kinyaht. Kinyaht is entirely underground except for the entrance, which is covered in sculptures of the Goddess.

In their mythology, the Goddess created the World, and when people and creatures die, they return to an otherworld called The Way. In this mythology, the easiest way to get to The Way is through caves and going underground, so some people got together and built Kinyaht, an underground temple.

By the time Jamie and her friends find this temple entrance, though, it’s revealed that no one has been in Kinyaht for over 500 years…

I’m looking forward to developing this environment further, and practicing more backgrounds, landscapes, and environments. It’s something I want to get better at.

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow with a new post.