NOW ON KICKSTARTER: The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Chapter 1

HOLY BANANA PANTS, it’s finally here – The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Chapter 1 is now on KickStarter, looking for funding to get to print!

Patreon support has helped make the production of each individual page possible. But KickStarter will help cover the gap to get this first issue to print.

The book will include a never-before-published short comic about Captain O’Malley (just how DID she lose her arm?). Plus there will be behind-the-scenes sketches showing how pages for the comic are made.

Among the rewards available for backers, there’s commissions, WANTED poster-style mini-prints, and even a new 11 x 17 inch print!

So if you can back this KickStarter campaign, please do so BEFORE JUNE 20.

Broke? Share this campaign with your friends. Every share helps.

Want to back the campaign, but don’t see a reward you like? Hit me up via email at kelci(at) and I’ll work with you.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts’ Newest Print

Awwww yeah! This print got finished not too long ago to showcase my new upcoming webcomic, The Legend of Jamie Roberts. (Coming online mid- to late-November.)

Illustrated here, from foreground to background, is Jamie Roberts, Ragun Ranki (pronounced Rah-Goon Ra-N-key), and the dragon shape of Ragun Basho (pronounced Rah-Goon Bah-show).

This took a little while to illustrate, especially with the waves of The Way in the background. The Way is the spirit world, where souls rest after death and before birth, and where Ranki was banished after The War of the Leaders 500 years before the start of the Legend.

Here’s some clips of the progress of the piece:

The colors of the background and Ranki were done in Clip Studio Paint to save me some marker ink.

This image will do double-duty as both a print and as the cover art for Chapter 1’s online serialization.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

Comic Page Design for The Legend of Jamie Roberts

the legend of jamie roberts composition sketchI had heard recently that more peeps wanted me to talk more about works-in-progress here on the site, so I wanted to share this post.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts is just one comic I’m working on, but I’m at the point in development that I can come up with more solid ideas about character designs, monster designs, environments, and the like.

However, I needed to also distinguish something important in the narrative – the spiritual elements. Continue reading “Comic Page Design for The Legend of Jamie Roberts”

New Sketches for Comics In Progress

So, in between my webcomics and my day jobs, I’ve still managed to make some new sketches to develop some comics I have in the works.

I have them posted below. They’re not in color (yet) but I wanted to show you the (dare I say, gorgeous) line-work I used to draw them.

jamie roberts the genderqueer pirate
Jamie Roberts, Genderqueer Pirate.

woman of the woods sorceress warrior
The Woman of the Woods, Sorceress and Warrior.

princess rosetta and amal ahmad
Princess Rosetta and Amal Ahmad

seeing him panel teaser sketch
A sample panel from the upcoming webcomic Seeing Him.

This last sketch is from a webcomic my sister Kia and I are hoping to get on KickStarter, called “Seeing Him.”

The story is about a young lady named Kate who wants to find Mr. Right. She finds him in Adam, a devilishly handsome OB/GYN who is also a trans man.

We both felt like there weren’t enough stories with trans men in them, and what few there are don’t necessarily portray them as, like, people. We hope that “Seeing Him” can help change that.

We tried running a KickStarter previously, but we didn’t meet our goal.

But this time, we learned: we’re going to lower the fundraising goal, and offer more digital rewards and custom commissions for backers.

The plan is to get the KickStarter up online on Saturday, but with my two day jobs deciding they want me to work full-time hours, I don’t know if that’ll happen.

However, if the project gets fully funded, I can actually QUIT one day job for a while. And that would be super cool to just make more comics more often, yo.

Wish me luck!