Charlie & Clow, Validation, and Johnson & Sir: An Update

First: Charlie & Clow.


These two are the main characters of a new comic I want to make.

However, I want to get it into print.

Don’t worry! You’ll get a four page preview of the comic once I get the pages made.

But I want to make this comic and get it printed so I can get copies of it into your hands (whether you buy it through my store or at a convention or, with any luck, at any local comic shop in Phoenix, AZ).

To that end, I’ll be running a KickStarter in February to help fund the printing this book because I am, as Marc the Boyfriend would say, Le Broke.

So here is a question for all of you:

What would YOU like to see as prizes if you back me on KickStarter? All backers will get a copy of the book one way or another, but what else would you like to get? Let me know in comments!

Second: Validation


Christian and I are planning a giveaway when we reach 400 likes on Facebook. Ready to hear the prize?

We’re giving away buttons and stickers!

I’m hard at work getting them ready for the lucky winners. Like Validation on Facebook for a chance to get your own!

Third: Johnson & Sir


It’s still going strong! Like the Facebook page to stay tuned for updates and some news about some upcoming prints and T-shirts.

Speaking of T-shirts, you can now display your love of hilarious fighting dinosaurs with the T-Rex Sissy Fight T-shirt.



Click here to get it!

And yes, I redrew this from an old page of Johnson & Sir.

So in summary, there are silly T-shirts and stickers coming, but more importantly what would you like to get if you back Charlie & Clow on Kickstarter?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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