Cosplay and Youmacon Galore

youmacon 2014 snap shot
Here’s a snap shot of the crowd at the convention. And this is just one half of the building!

So I just came back from Youmacon and it was a blast like always! I did not go as a special guest or even as an exhibitor. I just went as an attendee, and it was very refreshing to do so, especially since I didn’t have to deal with any special guest stress like I had to at Phoenix Comicon.

renaissance center youmacon 2014
This is the Renaissance Center, where half of the con took place. The other half was in the Cobo Center.

Anyway, I did learn a couple of things while I was there, especially from some local friends of mine that live in the Detroit area. One thing I learned is that Detroit parking is apparently free on the weekends (that would have been nice to know: it would have saved me a ton in parking fees). Still, The Renaissance Center did have a parking garage with a handy sky walk on the third floor, connecting to the convention hall. The less time I spent outside in the cold, the better.

I did manage to take a set of pictures while I was there, because the cosplayers this year were amazing! There was an especially good Korra, which I will show some pictures of now.

youmacon 2014 korra cosplayer ribbon dance Youmacon_2014_Korra_Cosplayer_2

It actually got me thinking of getting into cosplay myself, especially since I started wearing the Jayne hat and I got some positive reception for it (I even posed for photos).

jayne hat at youmacon 2014 selfie
Standing in line. Because why not.

Which is surprising considering that the actor who played Jayne – Adam Baldwin – is kind of a professional ass (thanks, GamerGate).

Still, I got a lot of positive reception wearing the Jayne hat, probably because people can separate Jayne the character from Adam Baldwin the actor. Like I do.

selfie in jayne hat at youmacon 2014
Another grumpy face selfie. This time for the line for the Friday Team Four Star panel.

However I did start thinking of maybe cosplaying as Jayne more often, or even just cosplaying in general. But it is a very expensive hobby.

princess tutu cosplay at youmacon 2014
Exhibit A: Princess Tutu cosplay done by my old college roommate, Katy.

On the upside the convention itself gave me some new artistic inspiration! Hopefully you’ll see some of that in the coming weeks.

I want to get into the habit of doing warm up sketches more often, and that may include fanart… We’ll have to see how that goes.

Here are some other pictures that I took at the convention itself.

youmacon 2014 jayne hat and cosplay
I don’t think she noticed.
gaggle of assassins from assassins creed 2014 youmacon
There was an entire gaggle of assassins.
My friend Alex (on the far left) is a trooper for coming to the con with an injured leg.
My friend Alex (on the far left) is a trooper for coming to the con with an injured leg.

Another pro tip for Youmacon: take the back walk. The con takes place in two different centers: the Renaissance Center and the Cobo Center. They’re starting the shift events into the Cobo Center more so than the other one, however you still have to walk back and forth. Try to avoid the main stretch and take the back way. It runs right alongside the river (and on the other side of the river is Canada). Take that route to get back to the Renaissance Center: you will come across a lot less aggressive homeless people that way.

youmacon 2014 detroit
Here’s a peek at the secret passage…and Canada.
Less populated, but still safe. The People Mover also runs a little ways by it.
Less populated, but still safe. The People Mover also runs a little ways by it.
youmacon 2014
That’s Canada across the water. Swim for free healthcare!

Also another pro tip: it’s good to stick to a budget. That way you have money for gas on the way home. I succeeded in this endeavor, but I know people who forget this kind of stuff.

Here are some more pictures from the event.

spiderman at youmacon 2014
Spiderman being smooth.
team four star panel at youmacon 2014
Team Four Star panel. Sorry it’s so blurry!

Youmacon was such a blast! I had a great time while I was there.

It’s good to have one convention out of the year where you can go as an attendee. Not as a guest or an exhibitor, but just for the fun of it, to hang out with friends.

Thank you for reading and I will see you on Friday.

2 Replies to “Cosplay and Youmacon Galore”

  1. Hi there! I wanted to let you know that in the middle of that gaggle of Assassins was the actual voice actor for AC3’s Connor, Noah Watts! He’s the second guy standing behind the crouching Altair and with a little space between him and the girl in red.

    And on a side note, I’m the lady in the back NOT dressed as an Assassin (red and gold shawl, looking to the side). I made the costume for Noah. I love your picture, by the way. Not too many good group ones like yours out there.

    P.S. Jayne was one of my favorite characters from Firefly!

    1. Woah, what?! I heard the voice actor was at the con, but I didn’t think he was in the group photo! SWEET!

      Thank you for complimenting my photo-taking skills. But your costuming skills are WAY more awesome!

      P.S. I <3 Jayne, too.

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