Day 8 Without YouTube (And Other Updates)

thoughtful dinosaur comic panel

In my last post I announced an indefinite hiatus on producing new videos on YouTube (because it was something done for fun, but I don’t have time for it right now). Well, the next day I decided to remove YouTube from my phone and tablet, and added the site to my Chrome app, StayFocused – it maintains a list of blocked sites (which you can customize which sites are blocked and which aren’t). You’re only allowed a specified amount of time on all those blocked sites and then StayFocused kicks you off. It’s to help you stay productive at work and cut out distractions, which is especially handy for me since I work out of a home studio.

artist drafting table comic artist studio
I even got a sexy new drafting table after the YWCA MiniCon.

So yes, I cut YouTube out of my life for a solid week.

And…actually I feel great.

Now, before I got rid of it, I LOVED YouTube. It was great to play in the background while I worked at the drafting table, just to have some noise while I worked. Lots of my favorite creators are there. But…after a point, the videos were more distracting than helpful.

Plus, things over on that site are getting a bit more negative than usual. From “Adpocalypse” to the usual YouTube commenter shittery, I got a bit tired of the platform. It wasn’t fun. It was annoying.

On top of that, a running theme in my life for the last three months has been getting my priority straight – figuring out what’s worth keeping and what’s worth getting rid of. My priority right now is building my career, making full-time comics-making work. That’s part of why I’m focusing on this recent KickStarter campaign and booking convention and expo appearances when and where I can.

Oh! Yes, I’m running a KickStarter. Remember that post I made talking about a 7-day KickStarter? That’s what this campaign is: a 7-day KickStarter to make Validation buttons.

And HOLY BANANA PANTS y’all went above and beyond the asking goal of $100. We reached that goal in less than 12 hours! And now we’re at $651!

Y’ALL ARE BANANAS (and I love you for it).

So yes, my energy has been redirected towards KickStarter campaigns and expo appearances, instead of the same-old-same-old of working away at the desk while YouTube plays in the background. I’ll be honest, that latter scenario got really old after a while.

Since I cut YouTube out of my media diet, I’ve noticed that while my energy has slumped a little bit (or maybe it’s because of this June heat), I’ve been generally more positive, and I have more time for the stuff that matters: work, volunteering, sleep, and doing wild and wacky party things with my friends.

Like, if you’re in the mood to watch me be a silly potato, you can watch this clip my buddy Mitch recorded of me being Petrucio talking to “Katarina” (played by a dude because why not) at Shakespeare karaoke this past Tuesday.

So what fun things have you been up to? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Before I scoot, if you’re in the Wheeling, WV area tomorrow (June 16th) I’ll be at the Wheeling Arts & Culture Fest, running the How to Make a Mini-Comic Workshop for all ages. It’s free and starts at 1 pm.

Then, on Saturday, June 17th, I’ll be at Feminist Zine Fest Pittsburgh at the Irma Freeman Center from 12 pm to 5 pm selling my comics, mini-comics, zines, prints, and buttons. It’s free to attend and open to all ages and genders. If you can make it, I’d love to see you there!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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