Hi New Readers!

Oh hello there you fabulous person you.

So you might have found me through Validation, the webcomic I make with the ever fabulous Christian Beranek (we’ve been getting some good press from that. Did you see the article on Comic Vine about us? Of course you did. That’s probably what got you here, too).

Or you might have found me through the illustration I did for the ever awesome Tumblr blog Cool Chicks From History (I drew the illustration for Rafaela Herrera, who is a badass lady).

Or you could have found me from Johnson & Sir (the webcomic I do about an Odd Couple-like pair of elf cops).

Any way you slice it, there’s more of you lovely readers out there.

So hi!

As you can tell, I’m pretty busy with webcomics and making art for cool people.

I’ve also been busy with moving from Ohio to Arizona. I’ve been settling into my new place (which is sharing space with my older sister) and then my mom came to visit from out of state, so I’ve been on vacation to be with them.

So, my apologies for not welcoming you sooner.

To gain your favor, here’s a picture of the Grand Canyon the same day that the government shut down. The blurry hand is a bonus, I guess?

Will there be more comics?

Of course there will be!

Keep your eyes open for a new semi-auto-biographical comedic comic soon! I’ll be announcing the launch here and on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

I’ll also begin producing my latest Halloween-inspired comic, Charlie & Clow!

And of course, my hyped-up, never-shut-up-about comic,¬†The Legend of Jamie Roberts¬†will launch next month! I’ll be releasing a six-page prequel on SmackJeeves on October 6th.

So you came in at the right time. :D

Thanks for stopping by! I do my best to update my blog every Sunday. So please bookmark this page for more news about my comics (I also do comic and book reviews here, so if you think I should be reading something, drop me a line at kelcidcrawford at gmail dot com).

I also post the occasional work-in-progress and art/writing tutorial here, so let me know if you would like me to tackle anything from character design to plot development.

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to be awesome.

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