Late Post is Good Post: or, Becoming Inspired

I suppose you could say there would be two blog updates in one day, since I’m making this entry after midnight, but details shmetails.

This morning my brain went all “herp” and decided not to do anything comics or work-related, so I took a break and read some books. Recently I’ve been reading Epileptic by David B., and it’s wonderfully unique! It’s a French graphic memoir about the author’s childhood and the memories he has of his epileptic older brother. The art is so wonderfully storybook-like that it was refreshing to read.

I’m only one fourth of the way into the book, but I already love it.

It was from this book, and some henna designs I’ve been eyeballing recently for an illustration I have in progress, that I had a Eureka! moment tonight. So now I’m on a creative burst again!

It just goes to prove that all I need to recharge my imagination is a distraction.

I’ll update again in the morning-ish before I go to work. Tomorrow is also a Halloween-in-June party hosted by my coworkers, so I’ll do my best to get pictures to share with you all!

As always, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. :D

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