MORE Changes to the Blog

Based on that headline you’re probably thinking,

“Dude, you already stopped updating on Mondays. What’s up?”

Well the answer is,

I’m changing the update schedule again.

Before I announce the new schedule, I want to explain why I’m doing this.

I currently do three (yes, THREE) webcomics: Charlie & Clow, Johnson & Sir, and Validation. Plus I have two part-time jobs to cover what freelancing cannot.

It’s a lot to juggle.

Plus, updating daily is EXHAUSTING.

Simply put, I’m running out of things to talk about.

So, in lieu of daily updates…

This blog will now only update when I feel like updating it.

And I’ll feel like updating it when I actually have something to talk about.

In the meantime, I’ll be making a couple of new vlogs – I finally found something to vlog about.

I’ll update this blog with those when they are finished.

Thanks for reading!

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