New Illustration: Two Ladies

two ladies illustration

I forgot to share this new illustration with you when I finished it months ago. My bad!

This is called “Two Ladies,” and I wanted to draw this to test how my Copic markers worked on brown-tinted Strathmore paper.

Honestly? The scanner wasn’t able to give this image justice. This looks much better in real life.

ALSO, the brown-tined Strathmore sketch paper absorbs Copic marker very quickly. At the end of the project I had several markers on the verge of drying out.

However, this makes me wonder about what effect watercolor or gouache would have on this paper?

If you’ve experimented with gouache, let me know what brand you use in the comments. I have never tried them, so I need your guidance!

If you have other suggestions for what to draw or experiment with, please leave those in comments, too.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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