Preparing for Graphic Novel Month…Sort of.

So the Graphic Novel Month project I’m embarking on tomorrow…you’d think I planned ahead for it, right? I mean, last year, I did. Character bios, sketches, rough outline, everything.

This year, I’m (sort of) not doing that. Based on last year’s experience, I know I’m going to ditch most of it out the window. So instead, I have just a sketch of the main cast of characters:

Taken with my camera, so forgive the crappy quality!

Left to right, they are: Jamie, the girl disguising herself as a man for the army; Daniel and Thomas, her friends who keep her identity hidden; Odinon, the young man who can transform into a dragon; and Lokis, the young man chosen to help his village dragon find a replacement to protect their home.

I have no idea what will happen in the story. I’m just going to let the characters plot out their own path and see what happens. It worked last time. Besides, this is the rough draft, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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