Project for Awesome and Other Works

Image courtesy of The Project for Awesome.

This year I intend on participating in the Project for Awesome. It’s an annual event in which YouTube users upload and share videos that promote non-profit organizations that help decrease worldsuck (or the amount of suck in the world).

I’m collaborating with ArtLink Phoenix to make a video for the Project for Awesome. I’ve been hoping to find a filmmaker to collaborate on this project, but since I haven’t heard from anyone, I took the initiative and did a little filming while out for ArtLink’s First Fridays event last night.

I met some really great, really kind artists while I was out, including Noreen Ayonayon, Charles Wilkens, Don C. Dohlman, Doug Bale, and Runz with Scissors. Special thanks goes out to them for letting me film their gallery spaces for the Project for Awesome video!

There are more events hosted by ArtLink coming up soon, so I hope to get to those to get more great footage and meet other really cool artists.

The video should be done and up online by December 17th. I’ll keep you in the loop with progress.

Between volunteering with ArtLink and making videos, I’m still working on Validation with Christian and I’m still making Johnson & Sir.

“Validation” is going to have a giveaway for the 400th like on our Facebook Page, so go like it if you want to keep up with the details.


I’m also starting a new series of digital illustrations, with the working title “Color Spectrum Girls.”

I’m exploring not just color, but how the girls in the illustrations interpret the color they are illustrated in. Like, you know how most people imagine blue to be a calm and soothing color? Well for the Blue girl, blue means personality and a thousand different shades of life. Yellow is anxious and nervous, and White is stark and awkward, to name a few more.

I’m really excited for the project! I’ll be sharing snapshots of the work once it gets underway. Sketches are done, at the very least.


Speaking of sketches and art, if you’re still looking for something unique for presents, you can still commission me! Details are over at this post.

Of course, I still have other wares for sale over at my store, if you want something already made and finished. I’ve got comics, prints, and coming this week, stickers!

Here’s the sketch of the week:

2013-12-05 21.18.03

That’s all for now. In the meantime, be kind to each other, and don’t forget to be awesome.

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