Punk Rock Daniel (An Art Post)

a young blonde man with lightly spiked hair winks and smiles at the viewer, with one hand making a "rock" symbol. He wears a green vest with torn sleeves and a pink heart patch on one side. He has a guitar case strung on his back.

This is Daniel Scouter in punk rock looks…because why not? I wanted to draw him, Jamie Roberts, and Thomas Doran in punk looks.

I drew him (and the other two) traditionally with Copic markers and Zebra brush pens. It was refreshing to work traditionally after years of digital work!

Daniel (and Thomas and Jamie) will be stickers for those who back The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2 on Crowdfundr. Yes, the campaign is STILL running! We have hit our main goal and now we’re working towards our stretch goals!

The Legend is on Crowdfundr UNTIL SEPT 1. Your window of time to back this campaign and pre-order volume 2 is closing, yo.

If you’re broke, share this post. Shares help more than you know.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.

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