Quimby’s and the Second City! A trip to Chicago

This past weekend (March 30th to April 1st) I had the pleasure of leaving with BGSU’s Arts Village to stay in Chicago, and BOY did I have a blast!

The first night there we went and saw Second City perform, and if you ever find yourself in Chicago, see them. ASAP. Seriously. To tell you how funny it is, let’s just say that a lot of Saturday Night Live cast members (including Tina Fey and John Belushi) got their start with Second City. Their humor can switch almost effortlessly between skits from sweet to politically-charged to absolutely raunchy. Go find them when you’re in town.

We saw a lot of other sites, including Michigan Avenue, the Disney store, the Hershey’s store, and the Marylin Monroe statue! We also went to the Chicago Institute of Art, Millenium Park (and the Jelly Bean) and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA’s current exhibit actually covers art from the 1980s, which is….interesting. Better than their fashion sense, I’ll give them that.

AND WE FOUND QUIMBY’S BOOKSTORE! Holy snood was that freaking amazing! And the taxi driver who took us there was even nice! (Not the guy on the way back. He was presumptuous and demanded a tip.) Literally half of all of my souvenirs came from this bookstore because they have the coolest and best self-published comics and zines and independent/underground comics I have ever found in a book store so far! This is also a go-to place if you find yourself in Chicago, even if you don’t like comics: some friends who came with me to Quimby’s don’t even read comics, and they still found stuff they liked…..mostly smut….

I WOULD include pictures of all the places I saw in Chicago, but 1) those pictures were all taken on my phone, and the quality is crap because I don’t have an iPhone like all of my other peers, and 2) I’m trying not to spam this blog.

Instead, I shall include pictures of all the souvenirs I got from that marvelous city.


The Jack Skellington Shirt came from the Disney store. I’m going to be gifting that to someone soon.

A delightful shirt from the Chicago Institute of Art.

All the books I found at Quimby’s are here.

Postcards and a Bookmark from the Chicago Institute of Art.

Found this Sticker at Quimby’s. It now decorates my Sketchbook.

My other souvenirs not Quimby’s-related. The shirt came from the Museum of Contemporary Art and says “Fear No Art.”

By the way, if you didn’t notice, I also got both volumes of Maus while in Chicago. If you haven’t read it yet, why the fuck haven’t you? This is probably the best damn graphic novel I’ve read for a long time in terms of brutal and raw emotions.

That’s all for now. Next week I hope to post a comic I’ve finished recently, but if not, expect some sketches!

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.

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