Status Update: Commence!

Shmerg! I was without internet for, like, a week until yesterday. It was an inconvenience, but now I can actually DO THINGS now! You don’t realize how dependent you are on Google searches, email, and YouTube until they’re gone.

In that time, though, I’ve been researching and developing:
Blurry photo. Sorry. But this is a caption of how I develop my story’s history of cultures.
The Legend of Jamie Roberts is deceptively complicated in many places, but especially in the cultures that exist in the story. Corith, Touloy, and Jocasta are three entirely separate cultures and countries and I’m surprised they HAVEN’T gone to war with each other yet.
But I’ll talk about their differences later.
In terms of script, I’m re-writing part 2 and I changed the scripting format so I can breeze through the first draft faster. As of right now, I have 297 pages total scripted (that’s including Part 1). I’m hoping to get the first draft finished by August 24th, my birthday.
In terms of research, that’s always an ongoing process. But right now I’m reading three REALLY cool books to help me figure out a few things: 
These books are all fascinating for different reasons, and if you haven’t checked them out yet, I think you should, because they’re interesting reading. The books about West Point Military Academy and the US Army are both illustrated with LOTS of photos and artifacts from old military history, which is really cool. Plus, at points, US Army history can be kind of tragically hilarious. And it’s awesome to learn about the amazingly badass warrior women from around the world (like the battle queens of ancient Islam, the warrior women of the Vietnam War, Chinese pirate captains, etc).
On to other updates.
Johnson & Sir will be on a brief vacation as I script out their next story arc. It’ll be a murder mystery involving aliens, I know that much for sure. All previous posts can still be seen on the blog. I can’t give an estimate as to when the scripting and drawing will get finished, but I will TRY to keep the hiatus short.
Validation, the new webcomic I’m making with Christian Beranek, has been going steady in terms of production. The website for the launch has had a bit of a set back, but in the meantime, Christian and I are still making comics. It’s really exciting and I’ll be talking more in-detail about it in the next blog post.
My Blog has some new updates, if you wanna’ check that out (you should. I try to reblog some of the cooler things pertaining to comics and art).
MACPILT, the doujinshi circle Chloe and I founded, is on hiatus until we get this most recent collaborative piece finished. I’m keeping what the subject matter is a surprise. But once it’s finished, it’ll be on the blog. :D
Bonus: I’m going to try a new thing where I post warm-up sketches done for the day on my Twitter feed. I haven’t posted mine up yet for today, but go subscribe if you’re interested in future sketches.
Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to be awesome!

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