Have Your Freak-Out…Offline

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I’ve observed Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr a lot, and I’ve noticed a really common, really unfortunate trend.

This post is not intended to call out any specific person on their behavior, or even a specific group of people. But this is something I’ve noticed in people regardless of their gender, race, or political affiliation.

Now, people freak out, panic, cry, or otherwise break down emotionally. This happens to everyone no matter how hard we try not to.

The problem is when someone┬átake these deeply emotional moments…and post them online immediately. They will proceed to let out their rage, tragic sadness, or malaise via tweets and posts. Continue reading “Have Your Freak-Out…Offline”

My Interpretation of Meditation

spiritual meditation blog post

As part of my morning ritual and my spiritual practice, I meditate every morning. It helps me gain a clear focus on my day and clears my mind of distracting thoughts.

However, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who do NOT meditate have some misconceptions about meditation as a practice.

Today I want to address the biggest one, the one that says, “Oh, meditation is emptying your mind. It’s not thinking at all.”

That’s not true. Continue reading “My Interpretation of Meditation”

Coping With Setbacks

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The Road Trip of Life, Man…

I’ve been meditating a lot lately.

Yes, I meditate.

And lately, in my meditations, I’ve been thinking on the importance of not getting fixated on thoughts so you can live in the present.

Think about it. Presently you’re reading this blog post… until you think about that bill you need to pay for your car, or what you need to pick up at the store tomorrow, or that guy you saw the other day at the mall with that really cool tattoo walking around with the five-year-old girl and you’re wondering if they’re related and if they’ll be playing Parcheezie later – Continue reading “Coping With Setbacks”

Your Gender Identity is You: A Meditation

albino squirrel
This albino squirrel, stripped of its color, is still a squirrel.

I was just meditating on this idea, so I thought I would share it.

Yes, I meditate. I’m a big advocate of it because I’m the self-reflective, introverted type of person that meditates to solve problems.

This morning I thought on gender identity and how we, as a culture, place so much importance on material things to validate our identity. Continue reading “Your Gender Identity is You: A Meditation”