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As part of my morning ritual and my spiritual practice, I meditate every morning. It helps me gain a clear focus on my day and clears my mind of distracting thoughts.

However, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who do NOT meditate have some misconceptions about meditation as a practice.

Today I want to address the biggest one, the one that says, “Oh, meditation is emptying your mind. It’s not thinking at all.”

That’s not true.

I feel like this misconception is so popular because nobody who says this has done meditation properly.

Have you ever tried not thinking?

Even the most empty-minded among us have thoughts that pass through our minds. That’s just how the human brain works.

People who think meditation is “not thinking at all” will get frustrated because they are fighting against their natural brain process. Human brains think. We cannot change that. It’s what makes us humans to begin with.

What I do is different.

When I meditate, I think of one solid, unchanging thought. Usually it’s a specific image. Many beginning meditation students will pick an image like a candle flame because visually, it’s not complex.

In meditation, you think of that image…and hold on to that image for as long as possible.

When other thoughts appear in your mind, keep your focus on that image. Let those other thoughts pass you by.

Meditation is not emptying your mind. It’s intense, concentrated focus.

This focus is what clears your mind. NOT because you don’t have other thoughts, but because those other thoughts are ones you do not attach focus to.

I welcome you to try meditation with this new perspective. Pick one simple image to focus on, like a candle flame or the candle itself, and focus on just that when you meditate. Let your other thoughts go as you focus on that image. See if your practice and focus improves with this new interpretation of meditation.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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