The Next eBook Is…

Recently I took stock of my daily goals, especially the goal of drawing two sketchbook pages a day.

Earlier this year I said I wanted to do this to make more sketches to put together into more eBooks. But after I finished the Superhero Ladies Sketchbook, I was out of ideas. I stopped drawing for eBooks.


goth punk girl sketch with copics

I’ve finished up the basic eSketchbook reward for those who backed Seeing Him, the Webcomic on KickStarter. (I’m still putting together the eSketchbook with bonus content, but that’ll be done by the end of the week.)

So I’ve been wondering, “What can I draw now?”

Well, I found some sketches from the last idea I had – Goth and Punk girls.

And I LOVE them.

goth punk sketch

I’m going to draw up more of these (fair warning: I’ll be drawing inspiration from the Tumblr Punx of Color), and share as many as I can before I put them together into a sketchbook.

I don’t have a set date yet for when this sketchbook will be available online. But the plan is to get at least 30 sketches done.

And in the future, there’s going to be quite a few other sketchbooks coming. I won’t say what the themes are yet…

goth punk sketch

If you want an idea for what future eBooks will look like, why not try The Superhero Ladies Sketchbook? It’s 99 cents (in U.S. dollars) and actually got featured in a Sketchbook Collection. Pretty cool!

Also! Would you like to see more comics of mine for sale on Gumroad? Like Prologues? Leave a comment below and let me know what you would like to see more of!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

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