The Ship on the Rock: An Illustration


This enormous watercolor painting was made for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m a Dungeon Master for.

In the campaign, over a thousand years ago, a sorcerer hunter named Captain Orphus piloted a flying ship and was charged with capturing the notorious Orcan Swift. Orcan Swift was, and still is, a very powerful spirit with a deep knowledge of dark magic. In the fight that ensued between the Captain and Swift, the ship became trapped on a pillar of stone formed by Swift’s magic. After that, and a mighty and magical battle, Orphus and his crew were defeated, and their ghosts left to haunt the vessel.

This was my first foray back into watercolors since about last summer. I’m not a fan of how that column of earth looks muddy, because I had drawn in some detailed shadows there. But I was trying to use a red wash to add shadows into the painting, so lesson learned – thin out the wash and wait for the paint to dry between layers.

You can also find this lovely piece of art on Pinterest and Tumblr.

That’s all for now. Thanks for looking!

You. Are. Awesome.

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    1. Thanks! I’m toying with the idea of sharing more of the story happening in the campaign, because it’s pretty big and I’m enjoying writing it. What do you think?

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