Updating Everyday is Hard

When I went into this challenge, I thought that it would be easy, because I almost always feel like I have something to say. However, it’s hard to figure out what to write about once I finally sit down to blog. Not only do I have to think about the readers, but also about who could stumble upon my page. If it’s a potential employer, and they see a blog post about my particular views on something and they don’t agree with them, what happens then?

Then again, I’m not sure I would want to work with anyone that doesn’t respect my views. But I’m going to stop there before I get started on a tangent.

The point is, updating everyday is difficult, especially on days where I feel like I have nothing to say. BUT! I made this challenge last until the end of the month, and dammit, I’m gonna’ stick with it. I’m going to update everyday until June 30th.

Once July rolls around, I think I’m going to try Graphic Novel Writing Month again.

I did that last year and I successfully wrote a 220-page script in one month. BOY did that feel good! It helped to reinforce the idea that yes, comics was what I wanted to do, and I got so emotionally involved with the characters I wrote and drew in the project and I got so invested in the events that happened with them.

So this July, I’m doing the challenge again.

This time, however, I think I’ll cut the page count down to 200 (because 220 was f**king insane!) I already have the idea figured out for what I want to write. I’m super excited for it!

However, I’ll be doing that PLUS reviews for Self Publisher’s Nexus magazine, a fan comic with my friend Chloe, editing another graphic novel, and several illustration projects.

Well, I can put the fan comic project on hold for a bit: my friend I’m collaborating with is in Japan, with very little time to get online, so I can wait to work on that project until she comes back.

Everything else will have to be dealt with carefully. I think I can do this, though!

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

P.S. I’m totally going with some friends to see the premier of Brave tonight! SO excited!

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