What Is Thoughtful Dinosaur?

velociraptor lady reads a book
Billy Veloci!

In the last blog update, I wrote about The Legend of Jamie Roberts, a comic that is not slated to update online until 2017.

However, I have other, newer projects getting ready to start sooner than that, and one of them is Thoughtful Dinosaur.

I wrote all about the scenario that inspired me to write this story in a separate post. Today I want to talk about the story itself.

Thoughtful Dinosaur is the story of Billi Veloci, a young female velociraptor who just graduated from college and has her whole life figured out after graduation. However, when she loses her job, her plans get derailed, and she has to pick herself back up and find a way to move on.

Billi as a character is not only adorable, but her experiences are largely based on my own experiences (and some from my older sister) after we graduated from college.

Thoughtful Dinosaur is the story I wish I had after I graduated – a story about someone who has the carpet pulled out from under them and has to learn to pick themselves up and move on. How does one do that? That’s what this story┬áis about.

It’s also going to take place in the world of Fantasyville, the same universe that Johnson & Sir happens in. So we may be seeing Johnson & Sir again in this little project…

The whole story will be available online sometime around February 2016. I’m editing script right now, but the story is not super long.

I’ll share more sketches as I make them. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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