An Unusual Summer Agreement

studio space february 2018

Here’s the truth – while making comics does pay the bills, I’m still living with my mom. This is partially because the oil and gas companies who have moved into the area have also imported pipeline workers from out-of-state, which means most rent-worthy spaces are gone, and what’s left over means rent prices have SKYROCKETED. So lack of places for rent, plus the places for rent being ungodly expensive ($500 a month for a room with no private bathroom is a pretty common listing around here), means living with mom because it’s more affordable.

It’s been ok, as far as living arrangements go. Mom works a full-time job outside of the house, which means I can work in my studio uninterrupted (for the most part. Her boyfriend also works from home but has his own office space set up). In fact, the only times we really see each other are at night.

This spring, that arrangement is actually going to change.

Mom and I have discussed this beforehand, and here’s the plan: from April until October, mom and her boyfriend are moving out of the house and living the RV life. There’s a campground site about 20 miles out from the house, so they’ll be living in her boyfriend’s RV at the site. They’ve both done the RV lifestyle before, so this isn’t really new territory for them – in fact, being out there means mom’s closer to her workplace, so that saves her commuting time. And the nature of her boyfriend’s work is remote, so he can go anywhere. So, they’re moving out.

This means having the house to myself.

On the one hand, my portion of rent is going to go up in cost. But on the other, that means a LOT more creative and personal freedom.

(Also I get to cook my own meals more. THANK GOODNESS. I have discovered I love to cook and I want to do that more often. This summer is the best reason to do so.)

So what does this mean to you?

Well, expect not only more comics and illustrations this summer, but also expect more videos. I actually really like making videos, but having roommates with home office spaces means getting time to record videos is REALLY awkward.

So the video updates are going to be on hiatus again until the end of April/beginning of May. Until then, I’ll be updating the blog here more frequently (to the best of my ability).

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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