Tuesday Update 6/27/17

thio and paolo black and white sketch
A Sketch of Thio and Paolo (to be colored later)

I’m going to try something new and make a general update blog post.

First, KickStarter – I posted an update for those who backed the Validation Button project, so if you backed it, check it out.

Second, The Case of the Wendigo – it updates with a new page tomorrow. HOWEVER,

Third, Patreon – if you support me on Patreon and tip $3 or more each month, you get tomorrow’s update of The Case of the Wendigo TODAY.

Fourth, Extra ClothesPinsstill updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Congressional news and suggestions for how to get your voice heard – all in episodes that run five minutes or less. Most of the actions in the last few episodes have been about the health care bill Congress is proposing – which, if you’re one of the 3 people who haven’t seen it yet, is an absolute dumpster fire and actually puts me and 15 million others in the U.S. at risk of losing our insurance coverage by NEXT YEAR. So you can bet I’ve been calling my Senators about this.

Fifth, Storenvy – I added a link on the Storenvy shop site that lets others sign up for my email newsletter. About time I got it on there! The email newsletter is still the best way to be on the up-and-up when I launch new KickStarters, have books for sale, and become available for commissions.

Sixth, consignments – yes, my comics, minicomics, and zines are consigned at two places: Cat’s Paw Art Studios in Wheeling, WV, and Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, IL. The amazing thing (to me) is that Lazy Diana #1 is so popular. But thanks for liking it!

Seventh, the personal stuff – there’s been a LOT happening lately. I’ll make a post about Feminist Zine Fest Pittsburgh soon, but in the time AFTER that fest, it’s been a ride. I now have one grandparent back in the nursing home (late-stage Alzheimer’s disease). She’s been in and out of this place for the last year or two. I honestly don’t know what will come next.

However, I DID get a new part-time gig. I don’t really consider it a day job, because it’s contract-based work, unlike the situation I had when I worked at Michael’s. But this new gig is filing forms at a local doctor’s office, and I’ll tell ya’, my work is cut out for me.

Also I’ve got some new paper-cuts today. But they won’t stop me from drawing!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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