3 Fun New Creative Ideas to Pursue

My mind-part is abuzz with ideas… or maybe that’s just the hard apple cider.

Anyway, there are some new creative outlets that I’ve been thinking of pursuing lately.

“But what are they?” you ask.

Lucky for you I made a list! Here it is:

Funky New Creative Roads to Try!

vlogging icon

#1 Vlogging about Making Things.

I’m interpreting this as videos that show something being made, or if the thing is already made, the process and thoughts that went into it. NOT TUTORIALS. Tutorials are everywhere online, especially in video.

What I wanted to do was just show more of the art- or craft-making process, errors and all, and talk about the ideas and thoughts and materials behind them.

I already have videos showing off finished sketchbooks, but lately I don’t much talk about the sketches in them. I go through so many finished sketchbooks, though, that I may stop doing this specific feature.


2) Paper Crafts.

Not just origami, yo (though origami is pretty cool once you make it complex).

I also want to experiment with paper flowers, paper-making, and especially silhouette cutouts, or kamikiri.

I love the idea of playing with negative space in an artwork like this. It’s a two dimensional piece of art that toes into the third dimension. It would be great to explore that more.

I already make handmade books. That’s easy, though I should write (or vlog?) more about that too.

Maybe I can make a handmade book and draw a one-of-a-kind comic in it, or print a comic and bind it into an unusual book format like the accordion or pop-up book. Wouldn’t a pop-up comic book or silhouette cutout comics be freaking AWESOME?

graphic design

3) Graphic Design

Lately I’ve been finding a lot of fun patterns that have made me want to pick up Adobe Illustrator again. I already have ideas to make new backgrounds for both this blog AND Charlie & Clow.

Not just that, but my local newspapers have STUPIDLY BORING page layouts. I really want to play with news articles and paste them into new layouts and forms.

I also want to try that with some poetry. If any art form can marry design with the power of the word (aside from maybe some experimental comics), it’s graphic design, and especially typography.

I won’t lie…I actually like typography.

I just wish there was more of it in my life.

There are other projects I want to share with you on this blog, like more sketches and works in progress. However, I also want to show more reviews and Featured Artists, and more…just more on the blog!

Dare I say it, I actually sort of miss updating daily Monday through Friday.

What are some things you miss? Got any crafts or ideas you want to pursue? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

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