A Goddess in a Sundress

I love her.

This is my Goddess character for a short comic I’m scripting out (in my head, so far), called “How a Goddess Creates the World.” I intend on it being wordless (and if possible, without sound effects) AND in color. How I’ll color it, I have not decided yet.

I was inspired to create this comic after I heard THIS song:

Just close your eyes for a minute and listen to it. It’s actually very calming.

I can’t wait to get started on the script. I’ll do that after I add a few more pages to another short story comic I’m scripting right now called “The Messengers”. THAT comic is a post-apocalyptic romp with two girls that are messengers of ancient gods.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post some of the script I’ve got done. So far I have 19 and a half pages thumbnailed out! :D My goal is to get it done by next weekend.

And now I leave you with a very grumpy Bobby. He didn’t want this blog post to end.

Perhaps I should work on making angry faces, too. That doesn’t look quite right.

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