Another Sketch Card!

I freaking love to draw women.

This is Margot…again (do you remember her from the first time?) I love the pencil sketching technique I used for this one.

The technique I used was simple: draw the structure and rough outline in 2H pencil, then draw the final image on top with my mechanical pencil. I used artist’s tape as a border, but it turns out it doesn’t like to stick too long: it partially tore at the top. At least I know for next time.

If you like, she’s also available as a print for you to purchase! Just check out the “Prints for Sale” at the top.

Also, on deviantART, my journal entry today has links to two posts I discovered that EVERY freelance artist should read. They concern working with clients and going in detail with them (including contracts) and what type of deals to avoid with clients. There’s a LOT more information to them, too. Go check it out!

Oh, and you know how I said I would post thumbnails of my comic, The Messengers, in progress? Erm…I sorta’ lied. I’ll scan those in tomorrow, though, because Fridays are always my free days. :D

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