Covers In Progress

I have quite a few books in the making right now: there’s Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics and its related sketchbooks, Charlie & Clow, Charlie & Clow: The Bonus Arc, and THOSE related sketchbooks.

So there’s 6 books I’m formatting right now, in various degrees of completion.

However, every book needs a cover, and I’m currently making the covers I need for these books.

Thankfully, the cover for Charlie & Clow is done!

charlie and clow webcomic

All I had to do was nudge the title and my name down so it won’t be on the bleeding/cutting edge in the print process.

The sketchbook covers for Johnson & Sir and Charlie & Clow are both similar: they’re going to be the pencilled, non-colored editions of the comics covers. It’ll lend them that sketchy feel, and those are relatively easy to do since I have those files already.

So the only covers I have to do from scratch are three: the front and back covers for Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics, and Charlie & Clow: The Bonus Arc.

So far, here’s what I have for Johnson & Sir’s front cover…


Here’s what I have for the back cover of Johnson and Sir AND for the front cover of Charlie & Clow: The Bonus Arc.

book cover thumbnails

You may be seeing very little of me while I work to get these done for the books. I’m doing my best to make sure these will look amazing!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

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