New Books, New Goals, New Comics

Where do I begin?

Well, let’s start with Charlie & Clow.

charlie from charlie and clow action pose

I can’t tell you too much here. You have to go to their site to find out what the news is. All I can say is: new books!

For Johnson & Sir

johnson and sir kickstarter banner

The $500 goal has been reached!

The new goal is to get to $600 before October 14th. If we can do that, not only will 40 books be printed and shipped, but all backers will get the new mini-comic, “Rubber Duck: The Reckoning.”

If you have read Johnson & Sir and Validation, you’ll know that “Rubber Duck: The Reckoning” is a joke that spans across comics, across all nations and creeds, and recounts the tragic tale of a rubber duck being used for scientific experiments… until one day he squeaked his last squeak of happiness. He began to quack the word of VENGEANCE.

I really hope we can reach the $600 goal to make that mini-comic happen!

And the news for Seeing Him

greg and cat from Seeing Him the webcomic

Yesterday’s update of the comic was late, and I’m so sorry for that. Things at my day job have been hectic to the point where the day job is taking time away from doing the comic work I want to do. I don’t have a buffer on Seeing Him right now, and I don’t like it.

I want to do my best to build that buffer back up, even if it means working one less day at the day job. Thank you to all the Patrons who help keep Seeing Him going. If there are more people who become patrons, that means I can take time off from the day job and I can focus more (and spend more time) on the comic. Plus, it’ll mean more support for Kia, who writes this work.

I have to go for now. There’s still lots to do!

Thank you for reading, and for all of your support.

You. Are. Awesome.

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