Current Works-In-Progress

Right, so after Friday at Colossal Con (the post about it is here) I was artistically inspired because I wanted to make work that I could be proud of that could be on par with the ladies I had the pleasure to meet with in the Artist Alley. (I am aware that sentence was long-winded: I just got done watching a string of vlogbrothers videos and they talk a lot like that and it rubbed off on me. Please forgive me).

So to that end, I started some new projects! Here is just one of them in progress:

I intend for this to be a watercolor and ink type of drawing with some splashes of color in the background. We shall see how this progresses!

I’m also working on the first set of pages for a doujinshi I’m collaborating on with the lovely Chloe (aka neofeliss). You should check out her stuff if you haven’t already because it’s unbearably cute and good.

While I’m also working on improving my caricaturing style (because lately I’ve been in a slump and I need to get out of it), I’m still making some time to also fill up some sketchbook pages with some doodles. This one is filled with some of my favorite villains:

The top left one is a miscellaneous character from the top of my head, and the man who takes up a large chunk of the middle is my own personal interpretation of Dracula. Can you recognize the rest? :3

I’m trying to make a point to fill all of my sketchbook pages all the way to the edge as 1) kind of a personal challenge, and 2) because nothing is more obnoxious to me than white space that’s not being used in a sketchbook. I’m always like, “Grr! I could have drawn a cat/face/cell phone dancing/etc!”

So those are some of the things I’ve got going on in progress right now. For those of you who have noticed, this update falls on a not-Saturday! That’s because I made a different sort of challenge for myself and that is:

I plan to update this blog everyday until the end of June.

Topics will vary, but I intend to post many more works-in-progress and hopefully entertain you all with my terrible grammar. Because terrible grammar is MY THING! Like John Green’s thing is mispronouncing foreign words!

So I’m going to get back to drawing, but as I try to remind you all, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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