Fabulous ColossalCon is Fabulous!

So I went to ColossalCon, an anime con held in my (new) hometown of Sandusky, and it was fabulous! I was only there for Friday, which worked for me because that means today I can recoup from the awesome and do boring stuff like get groceries and prepare my costume for the Halloween in June Party held by my coworkers.

Anyway, ColossalCon!

I mainly went to see and meet new artists, and while I didn’t meet very many, the ones I met were really REALLY nice! Including the fabulous ladies:

Monique (kaiser-mony.deviantart.com)
Del (exileddelusion.deviantart.com)
Bunny (artistebeni.tumblr.com)
Mori (mori-art.tumblr.com)
And especially the ladies at Lesser Key Studios (ianuae.deviantart.com).

If you don’t know about them, you should check them out! Their art is amazing. :D

I also managed to snag some photos of cosplayers, though over half of the photos didn’t turn out well because I have a crappy camera. I’ll instead show the ones that turned out well that I liked.

I’m not quite sure who the lady in purple is, though.

That’s Ventus, not Roxas, and Aqua, lookin’ sharp!

Digimon and Pokemon coexisting as one? What is this madness?
Sarah, an old friend from Cedar Point, is the one covered in Pokemon plushies. 

I’m SO glad I found these two! They’re my two favorite characters ever!
I also found a Goku, but his photo didn’t turn out well.

Disney ladies REPRESENT.

I love going to cons because it gives me a chance to get all fangirlly and not feel weird about it. I mean, I’m fangirlly anyway, because being a fangirl is a full-time job, but I don’t really get the chance to dance for joy due to an overdose of awesomeness.

That’s all for now, but Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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