Day 8 of Recovery: Dragonball!

No sketching done today. My wrist was having fits just trying to hold itself upright. I still managed to do some editing to a page for Johnson & Sir though.

But I DID go to the library and the bookstore. I bought the last big volume of the Dragonball series!

Image courtesy of this link.

I’m not even halfway through it and I love it SO much! I’m such a huge dork for the Dragonball series, but this volume just makes me remember why I love it: the fight scenes, the shenanigans, and Toriyama-sensei’s little in-jokes (like in a panel he catches a mistake he made in drawing King Piccolo and adds the caption “He grew a finger!”).

Dragonball is a great series, and if you decide to move on to Dragonball Z, then trust me: Dragonball Z will make a LOT more sense.

Wonder why Piccolo is a green alien dude? Dragonball.

Wonder why Tien has a third eye? Dragonball.

Wonder why characters can fly? Dragonball.

And why are half of the citizens bipedal animals like cats and rabbits? And who the F is Oolong?!


Anyway, then I went to the library and got myself Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (to compensate that I can’t read The Ocean at the End of the Lane yet) and the second and third volumes of Scott Pilgrim.

And in preparation for moving to Phoenix, Arizona, I went ahead and bought some extra shorts.

“Wait!” you say, “You’re planning on moving to Arizona?! WHEN?!”

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support, and for not forgetting to be awesome!

P.S. Since you now know I’m a huge dork for Dragonball, you can read my thoughts on Dragonball Z Kai in a previous blog post, if you like.

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