Finished Sketches, with COLOR!

So, because @callouscomics asked me to on Twitter, and because I was working on this anyway, here’s a sample of my color skills with an Artist Trading Card I just finished:

Prismacolor colored pencils, baby!

I also have another Artist Trading Card, this time in plain old ink:

I love my dragons. :3

OH! And I have one more: I’m thinking of making more cards like this for Animarathon (a one-day anime convention in March) as merchandise. There would be other characters, of course, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

I actually really like that shading technique. :D

2 Replies to “Finished Sketches, with COLOR!”

  1. Hey I use Prismacolor blues for my pencils! Colored pencils are my preferred way to color on paper.

    Anyways, great work on the card! :) Thanks for accommodating my humble request! ;)

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