Make Practice Sketching MORE Fun!

Ok, so since I’m a dork for reading, I was roaming the internet and found a user on, by the name of Seedling (this person has since stopped contributing to the site, BUT) who gives totally-not-lame practices for wannabe concept artists. (Like, oh I don’t know, myself).

One of Seedling’s practices is her first: From Life to Imagination. The goal? First draw something from sight. THEN, draw the same object with a twist. Did you draw a car? Then draw it again in a steampunk design, or underwater, or turn it into a jet airplane, or anything else you want! This applies to objects, people, and landscapes. Draw a pond? Add a sea monster! and so on.

The second practice is called Art Direction: artists are notorious for not being able to work on a team, or to work with someone who wants them to draw the same project ALL OVER AGAIN and they don’t want to do it because it ruins the original artistic idea. This game is a little wordy to explain, but I shall do my best…

First, look at the blurb she wrote. Note that there are 20 directions (like “make it creepy”, “draw it again from a different perspective”, “replace a part of it with an African element”, or other variations).

First, draw something. Anything. Then, either roll a 20 sided dice (known to us illustrious nerds as a D-20) or make slips of paper with the numbers on them and drop them into a hat. Roll the dice/draw a number without looking, and then redraw what you drew following those directions.

I hope you enjoyed this! Now go out and draw! :D

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